Who We Support

BUILDING BRIDGES made it a principle from the very beginning to give half of all donations we receive to selected organizations that we want to support.

Roswitha donates $1 of each sold World Soul album “Destiny” to Rock Ur Heart Out, to support them servicing disadvantaged youth.

Rock Ur Heart Out is the music program of Windows of Opportunity (WOO), a non-profit, which designs innovative programs and workshops for youth that develop their leadership skills.

WOO address issues that are important to youth and they are creating a shift from negative to positive youth labels. WOO’s programs exemplify what youth can accomplish.

Windows of Opportunity is a tax exempt 501c3 non-profit organization.

WOO was formed to provide young people who are ages 6 to 24, with a healthy, safe, supportive, & positive environment in which they can be encouraged to discuss themselves as persons of infinite worth & potential.

To donate to Windows of opportunity please go to www.wooinc.org.

WOO provides services to the New York metropolitan area and Long Island.