Our Mission

BUILDING BRIDGES is fostering intercultural communication to cause peace.
We are connecting people of different social, cultural and racial backgrounds to create mutual understanding and respect for each other.
We are creating a shift from negative to empowering messages in media and entertainment.


Building Bridges envisions a more peaceful world based on mutual respect, dignity and social justice.
We are finding solutions, empowering people and shifting systems.


promoting social justice, creating awareness, valuing diversity, empowerment, non-violence
Building Bridges works in alignment with the principles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The Earth Charter.


We are voicing global partnership, finding common grounds and promoting empowerment, inspiration and peace through media and entertainment. Independent artists have a global impact.

We are creating a shift in how money gets invested and distributed. Investors see new opportunities investing in corporations supporting and causing environmental, cultural and social awareness and change.
Their success is measured both in the positive impact and the change they caused as well as the financial success of the projects.
We are empowering and inspiring the youth to assess critically, design their future aligned to their inner core values to impact their community, creating our leaders of the future.